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Jan. 12-14: Shearing School – USU, Logan, Utah



Jan. 25-28: ASI Annual Convention – Denver, Colorado

Young Entrepreneur Discount of $100 through Utah Wool Growers

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Jan 30: UWGA Membership Fees Due


Feb. 1: UWGA Board of Directors Meeting – Western AgCredit in South Jordan


Feb. 20: Lincoln Day Dinner – Cedar City, Utah


Feb 16 -18: Wool Classing School – Southern Utah University Farm, Cedar City


March 27-30: ASI Legislative Trip to Washington DC




About the Utah Wool Growers

        In 1847 the first domestic sheep arrived in Utah with the  Mormon Pioneers.   Sheep numbers increased  until in the early 1900’s there were more sheep in Sanpete County alone than exist in the entire State today.  Those numbers peaked at around 2.4 million head just about the time of the Great Depression during which time many of Utah’s Sheep Ranchers took their sheep and skills and migrated to the surrounding Mountain States.

        First records indicate that the Utah Wool Growers Association was officially organized and incorporated about 1923.  Stories tell of glorious Conventions at the Hotel Utah where hundreds of people enjoyed a wonderful Social Event. We celebrated our 100th Annual Convention in December 2006.

     Utah has always been THE place for sheep producers from all over America to come to select the finest purebred seed stock and today the Utah Ram Sale is still the place to find the best Rams anywhere in the United States.

        At a time when sheep numbers in the United States have gone from a peak of 56 million head in the late 1940’s to less than 6 million today, Utah remains one of the leading states in the production of Lamb and Wool.  The numbers at times seem to be stabilizing as young men and women have rekindled an interest in an industry that was once a leader in the State's economy.  Today, with determined leadership, the Utah Wool Growers are blazing new trails in production and marketing techniques.  We invite you to join us in what was once a primary industry in this Country as we continue to rebuild an exciting and rewarding way of life.


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