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Angie Jorgensen

Let’s start the New Year off with a new Women of Wool feature. Angie Jorgensen is the daughter of Jack and Francell Steck, she grew up in Ephraim Utah and was the 5th of 7 children. She and her family raised a few pigs, rabbits, sheep and cows when they were growing up. She was always fond of the animals, and loved helping her dad with them whenever she could. She always loved horses, and she was the 2nd Attendant in the Sanpete County Rodeo Royalty. In High School she participated in the FFA, as well as 4-H. Shortly after high school, she married Todd Jorgensen, her high school sweetheart, and didn’t move far to Todd and his father’s farm in Mt.Pleasant. She loved working with animals, and so the lambing shed was right up her alley. She and Todd have worked side-by-side everyday since. Angie and Todd have five children and 10 grandchildren. Angie can do whatever needs to be done around the farm. She cares for all the livestock dogs, horses, turkeys, crops, finances, sheep, and mostly her family. Angie feeds, doctors, and sells hundreds of bummer lambs every spring. You can bet that on a cold, rainy spring night she will have a sick lamb or two warming up next to the heater. She loves her bummer lambs, and spend hours upon hours every spring saving every one that she can. She drives the trucks, trails the sheep, goes docking, pulls lambs, bandages broken legs, vaccinates, brands, feeds the crew, and just about any other thing you can imagine. She is the epitome of love and hard work. Most of all, Angie loves her family. She always says, “There is no better place to raise your kids than on the farm”. Thank you Angie Steck Jorgensen for being such a great example and for your love of the sheep and wool industry!

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