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Have Predators? Want to do a water project? GIP can help with that.

The Utah Grazing Improvement Program has two funding opportunities currently open.  One is for control of Predatory Animals.  Livestock producers suffering predation losses are eligible. This is a cost reimbursable program that will provide 50% reimbursement up to the contracted amount for practices used to stop or reduce predation.  $150,000 total is available. Applications will be taken until June 17, 2022.


The second opportunity is for small livestock producers (50 animal units or less) for any projects that will improve grazing management on federal, state or private land.  $100,000 is available with no project receiving more than $10,000.

Applications will be taken until June 17, 2022.


To apply for these opportunities contact your regional GIP coordinator

NW Region                 Taylor Payne 435-757-6115

NW Region                 Clint Hill 435-230-4492

Wasatch Region.        Ashley Longmore 435-760-9021

Central Region.          Tom Tippets 435-813-2454

Southeast Region.     Nate Roberts 435-893-1890

Southwest Region.     Randy Marshall 435-691-2730

SE/SW/Central.          Mason LeFevre 435-421-9698

Northeast Region.     Terrell Thayne 435-722-4621

Got Crickets?? The Utah Department of Ag and Food Can help with that. Once you are qualified with UDAF they will reimburse 100% of the cost for chemicals spray to stop the crickets in their tracks.  You will just need to pay for the application fee. Contact UDAF for more information.

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