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Ann Okelberry- September 2017

Our September "Women of Wool" feature is Ann Okelberry. Ann was born and raised in Fountain Green, UT on a sheep ranch. She is the daughter of John and Betty Mikkelsen and the oldest of their 3 girl and loves her sister's Bonnie Blain and Amy Ivie. Ann has loved the sheep industry with a passion all of her life. She can remember the look on my father's face when she was about 10 years old and said, "Dad, I wish we could lamb all year long." There is just something about the sheep industry that runs deep in her heart. The history, the people, the animals, the fact that the whole family can be involved. Ann is married to Brian Okelberry. Both of their family's have been in the sheep business since the 1800's. Brian and Ann live in Fountain Green, UT and have 10 children - 5 boys & 5 girls. Most of our kids help us with the sheep and on the ranch. They also raise cattle and horses. Ann is also very passionate about horses as she and her daughters barrel race for a hobby/business. Ann just finished her term as the UWG Auxiliary President and really enjoyed the position. She did a FANTASTIC JOB while volunteer many, many hours of service and was a great advocate for women within the sheep industry. While serving, Ann was able to travel and meet many people all over the United State. She has many friends in the business and is beyond blessed for the opportunity. She loves the saying, "A sheep man is always happy. We are happy when the sheep are sheared, we are happy when the lambing is done, we are happy when the docking is done, and we are happy when the sheep reach the summer range and so on." THANK YOU Ann for the love you have for this industry and for being a powerful, dedicated women not only within the sheep industry but for Agriculture as a whole!

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