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Linda Osguthorpe

Not only does May bring new flowers, but a new Women of Wool feature. Linda Osguthorpe lives in Delta, Utah with her husband, Chad, daughter, Jordan, son, Jaxon and another son on the way due in May. Linda did not always grow up on the farm, however, she does not consider herself a city girl because she was raised in a small rural town in Wisconsin. Just about all her friends farmed and lived on a dairy. Nothing Linda had been preparing for in her life so far could have prepared her for her future endeavors. Shortly after graduating college Linda packed up her bags and moved back to Utah where she felt she was destined to be. However not long after, she met her husband Chad. Linda had no idea what she was getting into with him. He took her to see the sheep for the first time when they were docking the lambs and she fell in love. She knew it was Chad’s passion and was ready to make it hers also. The couple soon married in 2011 and In 2012 with their new child, Jordan, they decided to start their own sheep ranch, J12 Ranch and Livestock LLC , and have never looked back. “I remember the first time Chad took me docking. They were all dressed in jeans and long sleeves in 100 degree weather in the desert. I said ya’ll are crazy it is way to hot to be wearing that. Chad tried telling me how dirty you get and the wool from the lambs can be a little itchy. I just showed up in my tennis shoes, shorts, and tank top. After the day was done all they had to do was clean up and shed their dirty clothes. I however was covered in blood, dust, and a little sun tan. After that I decided that maybe having all those clothes on was not such a bad idea. It was still fun and an experience I will never forget.” Not only is Linda active in the sheep industry she is also involved on the family crop farm in Delta, Utah. On the farm they rotate 600 acres in different types of crops; corn, alfalfa, and grains. They also manage a 20 acre feed lot that holds some of the families sheep and cows. Linda works hand in hand with Chad out in the fields, driving tractors, planting and harvesting crops, animal husbandry and general farm care. Linda is not afraid to step in and help out wherever she is needed. Not only does Linda help out on the farm but she is also a wife, mother, role model, and leader in the community. They raise their children out on the farm with them, and Linda likes to show them, especially their daughter Jordan, that you can do anything if you put your mind to it. She teaches and models to her children and other young women in the community, responsibility, work ethic, compassion on the farm and how to be a respectful citizen in the community. A leader in the community and a strong advocate for agriculture, together with Chad, the couple were selected for the 2017 Utah Young Farmers & Ranchers Achievement Award, which is considered the top honor for young farmers and ranchers in Utah. They then had the opportunity to compete on a national level at the American Farm Bureau Federation with 30 other young farmers and ranchers. Linda and Chad recently served a two year term on the Utah Young Farmers and Ranchers State Committee. Linda is also active in the American Farm Bureau Federation, Utah Farm Bureau Federation, American Sheep Industry Association, Utah Wool Growers Association, and Utah Wool Marketing Association. Linda loves what she does and has fun doing it. Linda loves her role in raising 4th generation sheep ranchers and wants her children to be able to continue to pass it down. She believes it is important for women to be involved in the agriculture industry. She wants women to be strong and feel confident in advocating for agriculture and not to be afraid to stand up and speak about what they are passionate for.

Thanks Linda for your commitment to Agriculture and the sheep industry!

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