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Kris Lee

Let’s start 2020 off right as we get to know Kristine Lee, our January Women of Wool feature! From the time she was 7 years old, Kris’s world revolved around sheep. She made her father promise to come home from the herd and pick her up the day she got out of school to help him with lambing which was in full swing,and she’s been doing it ever since. With no boys in the family, she became her father’s right hand man, learning everything she could about the sheep business. It would be difficult to find an individual who has a greater love for sheep or who is more meticulous about their breeding program for both wool and lambs. Kris graduated from Brigham Young University with a degree in business. She married Ted Lee, jokingly saying, “She didn’t care what he did for a living, as long as he made enough money to keep her in the sheep business.” He has been the best companion and helpmate, along with the support of the rest of her family. She started her own flock with 25 ewes, plus all the Rambouillet bummer ewe lambs she had raised over the years, gradually increasing that number to about 500 head. Improving the breeding & record keeping led to joining the Utah registered Sheep Breeders and becoming a seedstock producer. Selling rams at the National Ram Sale, Utah Ram Sale, Nevada Ram Sale and Wyoming Ram Sale as well as selling rams in all the western states. This resulted in many new opportunities and making lots of good friends. Participating in and supporting the Utah Wool Growers has always been an important part of that sheep business. She has done her best to promote wool and lamb in Utah and in the nation. Over the years she has served in every auxiliary office as well as auxiliary president, raised money to support the “Make It Yourself With Wool” program and been the director of the Sale Lake MIYWW contest for 6 years. Represented the Wool Growers at Farm Field Days, assisted with numerous lamb tasting events and delivered the Utah sheep education trailer where it needed to go. She has been a member of the Utah Wool Growers Association Board of Directors, including three terms on the Utah Sheep Marketing Board, also serving as chairman. She served twice as a director of the Utah Registered Sheep Breeders Association. In 2019 she was the Utah Wool Growers Association’s Shepherd of the Year. No one is more devoted than she is in wanting everyone’s sheep business to improve and succeed, sharing her knowledge with anyone who asks. She would like to express her love and appreciation for everyone she has worked with over the years. WOW - What a women! Thanks Kris for the effort & love you have for the sheep industry!

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