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Hailee Olsen

This is no April fools joke....It’s time for us to introduce you all to our April Women Wool feature. Hailee Olsen hasn’t always been a part of the sheep industry. Hailee grew up in Northern Kentucky, as far away from the farm life as you could get. Knowing nothing about agriculture or it’s importance Hailee was baptized by fire when her first date with Kelton Olsen was at his lambing sheds in Fountain Green. Her first time around a Ewe he assured her they weren’t mean and wouldn’t bite, about 30 seconds later she got bit by that same Ewe. If you ask Kelton he will still tell you that a Ewe doesn't bite, (aside from the two that bit his wife). Kelton made sure to send her home with a bummer lamb she knew nothing about so that he could come to her house and help her feed it the next day. A few years later they got engaged at the very spot they had their first date and the importance and love for agriculture has only grown from there. Kelton Is a 5th generation sheep producer. Hailee and Kelton have 4 kids and live in Mount Pleasant, Utah. You can find Hailee caring for bummer lambs in the spring, and teaching their kids to do the same. Whether she is pushing sheep through the sheering chute or bringing breakfast to the corrals, she steps in to help anywhere she is needed. Hailee and Kelton have a small business @lambewesa and travel to sheep events and conventions with their T-shirts and hats in hopes to promote the sheep industry. Eat lamb wear wool.

Hailee is very grateful to have the opportunity to be this months Women of Wool feature. She may not have been raised around the industry but this industry makes her feel like its right where she belongs and YES, Hailee, it’s exactly where you belong and we are are so happy to have you here!

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