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Brenda Olsen- February 2018

February is a month we reflect on the many people in our lives we LOVE & APPRECIATE. This month our "Women of Wool" feature is Brenda Olsen. Brenda grew up in Spring City, Utah so she didnt go far to Fountain Green. She and her husband, Allen, were high school sweethearts. After being married it didn't take long to baptize her into the Sheep Industry. "It's amazing how fast it gets in your blood and becomes a part of you", she said. Brenda absolutely loves it! Back in the day, we didn't have sheepherders we herded our own sheep, Allen and I spent the first few years in a sheep camp with our two oldest boys not really knowing anything else. It's the greatest way to build a strong marriage and a strong family. Brenda has four kids; three sons and one daughter along with five grandchildren. There is no better way to bring up kids than on a family ranch. They all grew up eating lamb almost everyday, they were making lamb pizza before anyone knew lamb pizza was hip. Lamb roast and potatoes and gravy was a Sunday favorite at the Olsen house and the kids still love to go home and that's what they want to have. Brenda thoroughly enjoys working side-by-side with Allen and takes so much pride in their Ranch. They have acquired many great friends through their association in the industry. Allen and Brenda had alot of fun serving as President of the Fountain Green Lamb Show for 10 years working with the youth. Brenda said, "It's so exciting to start getting grandkids and being able to teach them what it's all about. Family and farm life is everything to me." Thank you Brenda for the LOVE and enthusiasm you bring to not only Utah Wool Growers Association, but to the entire sheep industry.

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