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JaNae Blonquist

May is a month we celebrate the love & appreciation we have for Mother’s in our lives. Our May “Women of Wool” Feature is JaNae Blonquist. JaNae was raised on a small sheep & cattle ranch in Hoytsville. Her parents were Leon & Helen Judd. She loved to “help” her Dad with the sheep. Springtime was always a fun time of year with bummer lambs, docking and shearing. Summer meant spending time up Spring Canyon on the summer range and hauling hay. When JaNae was a little girl her Mom helped with the state “Make It Yourself With Wool” contest. She can remember how fun it was staying with her Mom at the Hotel Utah. When she was old enough JaNae joined 4-H and her Mom taught her how to sew. There were SO many things she would have preferred doing rather than sewing but……her Mom won that battle and soon JaNae was going to the Make It Yourself With Wool contest as a contestant! After getting married, JaNae was the director of the Summit County MIYWW for several years.

JaNae married Sam Blonquist in 1980 and moved to the suburbs of Coalville!! Sam and his brother had a flock of purebred Suffolks and Sam eventually purchased a herd of range sheep from JaNae’s Dad. Once again springtime meant lambing, docking and shearing!

In 1984 JaNae went to work for Summit County. After working as a temp in several different departments, she was hired fulltime in the Auditor’s Office and in 1998 she was promoted to Chief Deputy Auditor. She retired in February 2015.

JaNae was blessed with three step children Wesley, Aleshea and Emileigh when she married Sam. They were later blessed again with another son, Gavin. They now have 5 fabulous grandsons and 6 beautiful granddaughters. JaNae’s hobbies include sewing, gardening, scrapbooking with friends and attending the ballet and theater. She also enjoys the friendships she has made with the tremendous people in the sheep industry.

THANK YOU JaNae Judd Blonquist for your commitment to UWGA!

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