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Lori Nelson Rowley

Our June Women of Wool Feature is Lori Nelson Rowley grew up in Enoch Utah. A little agricultural community just north of Cedar City. She grew up a farm girl with a farm full of sheep, a few cows and many acres of hay fields. She spent many day in those hay fields moving hand-lines. She also enjoyed spending days on the mountain with her Grandfather, father,uncles, and many cousins herding sheep. The Nelson clan is known for the 1000's of Head of sheep that come down Cedar City Main street in October. You will always find Lori right up front of that herd proud as ever to be a part of the agriculture community! She has always loved being a farmers daughter and after marrying Russell Rowley of Cedar City and having her children Kelli and Zach, she chose to raise them just as she had been raised, right close to the farm; so close her fathers hayfields are her back yard. Where her and her children raise their own 20 head of ewes and can watch the pivot go around the field. Lori is a huge supporter of the Utah Wool Growers Women’s Auxiliary, FFA, and 4H. In September during Iron County's Livestock show, she and Donna Jean Clark fire up the Grill and cook hundreds of LAMB burgers and give out more candy then they should to all the little children running around the show barn. Leaving everybody with huge smiles and full bellies. Lori’s most cherished times are the ones she gets to spend with her family or friends on the farm, in the mountains, or on the desert taking car of her sheep and cows. Especially the moments she gets to show her grandson Waylon what being a farmer is all about. Lori is a great asset to Iron County's Agriculture family. She really loves being a farm girl and farmers daughter. Thank you Lori for taking care of so many in our community!

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