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Michelle Selman

How thankful we are for those that labor & provide foods & fibers. Michelle Selman lives in Tremonton, Utah on the Selman family ranch. Michelle was raised in the city & has found a way to balance her love of the city & life on the ranch. Michelle met Bret while was visiting Utah after attending the nursing program at the University of Nevada, Reno. City life never offered the opportunity to raise baby animals like life in the country. This was one of the reasons she fell in love with the ranching lifestyle. She loves using her medical knowledge on the ranch. There was a learning curve at the beginning when her father-in-law had to tell her they use one needle per herd when branding instead of using a new needle for each animal. Spring is her favorite time of year. Bum lambs are her weakness. Her husband tells others if he brought home a strong bum lamb & a bum lamb near death & told Michelle she had to choose, she would give the strong one away & keep the weakling. She loves the challenge of saving the one that needs her most. She doesn’t have a problem getting up every 2 hrs to feed the lambs, or tubing the ones that are too weak to suck. There is always room for one more bum lamb in her utility room. You will find Michelle at the shearing/docking corrals, cooking up a storm, pushing sheep or cattle up the ramp onto the semi-trucks or in a farm related meeting. She usually has a grandchild on her hip since they are the light of her world. Michelle spent 20 years in the PTA, many hours with the 4-H program & queen contests. Apart from helping on the ranch, tending grandchildren & being a nurse, she is an accomplished Pianist & shares her knowledge with all ages when she teaches piano before & after school. Bret & Michelle have 4 children & 2 grandchildren (plus one on the way). Cole (Bree & baby Sawyer) work alongside Bret on the Ranch. Elke (Blaine & Addison) live close by & help when they have time away from their own cattle. Wyatt (Ally) work alongside Bret on the Ranch. Then there’s Julia (17) who works mainly with the horses (especially the large draft horses). Michelle’s Motto is a family that WEPP’s(Works, Eats, Plays & Prays) together stays together. Thank you Michelle for you commitment, example and love for the sheep industry!

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