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Kathy Guymon

Our August feature say’s it best, “I feel very privilege to be selected to be a part of Women of Wool.”

has been married to Brad Guymon for 26 years. Brad is a fourth generation sheep man. One of his great mentors was a gentleman which most know of Ed Larson. We lost Ed in 2008. Brad was like the son Ed Larson never had. The generations on both sides made great sheep men out of the two of them. Kathy fell in love with the sheep the first time she worked with them. Lambing, as we all know was the roughest but it was such a great feeling to see the birth and growth of our livestock. She feels so blessed in her life to have spent the last 27 years working side by side with her husband. “Yes it can have it’s rough days especially as we get older, but the saying - it gets in your blood – is so true”, said Kathy. As the pictures will show, Kathy loves to fish and enjoy life itself. Life is awesome and she feels so grateful for everyday that she can watch the sun come up in the morning and go down at night. God Bless the Sheep man. THANKS Kathy for your love and example to the sheep industry! Kathy Chavez Guymon

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